Plastic Bottles & Containers

Non-returnable/Non-redeemable Plastic Bottles
Accepted Items
  • #1 through #7 plastics containers only (check for the recycling symbol and number on the container). Please make sure to wash/rinse all containers thoroughly, otherwise they tend to attract insects and rodents. Plastic lids and caps may be included. Labels need not be removed.
Prohibited Items
  • No plastic bags, please. Most local supermarkets accept plastic bags for recycling. At the Transfer Station they tend to blow around, creating a mess and a cost for cleanup. Re-using bags is easy and cost efficient. Many markets will give a discount for bags brought in for re-use, and/or you can purchase sturdy mesh/fabric bags for multiple re-uses.
  • No containers with food residue on them as they tend to attract insects and rodents.
  • No Styrofoam. Although some Styrofoam containers do have a recycling symbol on them, Styrofoam is too bulky and thus too expensive to transport to the few locations in the USA where it is recycled. Some packing services will accept used Styrofoam peanuts for re-use. Check with the company you use.