Newspaper, Magazines, Office Paper, Spiral Notebooks & Paperboard Boxes
Hingham receives payment for every ton of paper that is recycled.

Accepted Items
  • Newspaper and magazines (co-mingled).
  • Sheet paper, notebooks, colored paper wrapping paper and drawing paper.
  • Single layered cardboard i.e. gift, cereal, food or shoe boxes.
  • You do not need to remove cellophane windows or metals such as staples, paperclips, and spiral bindings on a notepad.
  • Shredded paper may be recycled if enclosed in clear plastic bags or paper bags.
You may use the green and yellow paper bins from Abitibi Recycling Company which are stationed at the schools in Hingham. Abitibi will pay the Hingham Schools between $5 and $20 per ton of paper (price is dependent on volume and market rate).

Prohibited Items
  • No foils, or plastic bags or plastic of any type (except clear plastic bags to enclose shredded paper). If using paper bags to bundle paper, please make sure they don't have plastic handles or remove the handles before recycling.
  • No waxed/sealed boxes from frozen food, milk, or other such food boxes are acceptable
  • No corrugated cardboard. This gets recycled in a separate area - please see corrugated cardboard section.