Bagged Household Rubbish

(Compactor Area, located after all the recycling areas.)

Please note: All the waste that goes into our trash compactors is transported to a facility in Rochester, Massachusetts for incineration. This process costs the town $100 per ton. Everything you recycle saves the town $100 per ton and minimizes negative effects on our air, land and water.

Accepted Items

The trash compactors are to be used for the disposal of general trash and waste. Wet garbage may be double bagged and placed in with household rubbish.

Prohibited Items

Note: By current Massachusetts and Hingham regulations, recycling is mandatory. It is unlawful to dispose of recyclable materials as household rubbish in the compactors.
  • All recyclable items (including cardboard, paper, bottles and cans) must be recycled separately (waste ban items).
  • Bulky household items (such as couches, mattresses, rugs) and construction and demolition materials may only be disposed of, by permit only, in the separate open top containers located just above the trash compactors.
  • Hazardous waste, i.e. oil based paints, insecticides, gasoline, paint thinner cannot be disposed of at the Transfer Station at any time. They may be disposed of at the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. A more comprehensive listing of Hazardous Waste materials can be found online.
  • Auto parts, white goods, wood and yard waste, rechargeable batteries and items containing mercury must be placed in the appropriate assigned receptacles.
  • If you are unsure about a given item or material, please click on the appropriate link above or send us an email.