Capital Outlay Committee

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Names Position Appointed By
Lyndsey Kruzer Member Town Moderator
Carol Tully
Advisory Committee 
Mike Donovan Member Town Moderator
Judd Caplain Member Advisory Committee
Kevin Flaherty Member Town Moderator

About the Committee

Article 14, Part 2 of the Town of Hingham General By-laws states:

SECTION 1 - There shall be a Capital Outlay Committee (Committee), which shall perform the duties set forth in the following sections of this Article 14 and be governed by the provisions hereof. Said Committee shall consist of five citizens of the Town, appointed as provided in the following sections, and the Town Accountant ex-officio.

SECTION 2 - The moderator shall appoint three members of said Committee. Prior to the commencement of each fiscal year, the moderator shall appoint one member to said Committee to serve a term of three years, commencing on the first day of the fiscal year next following the appointment. 

SECTION 3 - The Chair of the Advisory Committee, at or about the commencement of each fiscal year, shall appoint, from among the members of the Advisory Committee, two members of said Committee to serve a term of one year, beginning on the first day of said fiscal year. 

SECTION 4 - Whenever any vacancy shall occur in the Committee, it shall be filled by the appointing authority which appointed the member whose position shall have become vacant. Any person appointed to fill a vacancy in the Committee shall hold office for the unexpired term of the person whom they succeed. 

SECTION 5 - The Town Accountant, as an ex-officio member of the Committee, shall not be entitled to vote on the making of recommendations to be included in its reports. The Committee shall choose its own officers and shall serve without compensation. 

SECTION 6 - It shall be the duty of the Committee to ascertain annually what capital outlays will be required by the Town during the next five years. In making this determination, it may consult with Town, county, and state officials, and with other boards and committees of the Town. It shall publish and distribute to each voter an annual report and such further reports as it deems advisable, and shall include in such reports its recommendation for scheduling capital outlays and for the financing of such outlays as in its judgment cannot be, or should not be, paid for entirely out of current revenues.