Raffle Permits

Permits are issued to certain nonprofit groups or organizations who intend to conduct raffles during the year.

An applicant must fill out an Application and a Notice of Issuance for the Charitable Gaming/MA State Lottery (green form available in the Office).  Three officers or members must sign the Raffle application.  If the organization meets the requirements, the Town Clerk will approve the application and send it to the Chief of Police for review. 

The Town Clerk then issues a certificate which must be displayed on-site in full view of the public on the day of the event. The certificate is valid for 1 year.  Copies of the Raffle Permit are sent to both the Committee on Public Safety and the Lottery Commission. The Lottery Commission will send a financial form to the group hosting the event to report the winners, net proceeds and uses to which the proceeds are applied.  

Thirty days after the permit expires, the organization must file two copies of the Annual Report certified by three members responsible for the event and an accountant.  The Town Clerk will provide this form to the organization and will send one completed copy to the Commissioner for Public Safety.

Application & Fee

Applications (PDF) can be obtained online, or at the Clerk's office. The Notice of Issuance is only available in the Town Clerk’s Office. Both are filed in the Town Clerk's office to initiate the process. There is a filing fee of $10 payable with the application.

Please see Mass.gov Guidance on Raffles for more information.