Marriage Intentions

Marriage intentions may be filed in any town clerk's office within the Commonwealth, when you are planning to be married in Massachusetts.


  • Both parties must be over the age of 18. Please bring proof of age using one of the following documents:
    • an original or certified copy of a record of birth; 
    • an original or certified copy of a baptismal record; 
    • a passport; 
    • a life insurance policy; 
    • an employment certificate; 
    • a school record; 
    • an immigration record; 
    • a naturalization record; or 
    • a court record. 
  • Both parties must file together.
  • The license will be issued 3-days after filing (A waiver may be obtained for a fee through the courts).
  • Anyone may pick up the completed license on your behalf.
  • License is valid for 60 days from the filing date.


Filing fee is $40 - includes one certified copy of the license.