Senior Means-Tested Tax Exemption

Hingham’s 2019 Annual Town Meeting approved a new “Senior Means-Tested Tax Exemption” for Hingham seniors who meet certain income and asset criteria. The goal of the new tax exemption is to provide targeted property tax relief to older homeowners and help them continue to be able to afford to live in Hingham. 

This is the second year the Town is offering this new property tax exemption to seniors. The maximum exemption amount for FY25 is $2,590. If you’re eligible, the credit will be applied to the property tax bill that you receive in December 2024.

Applications are due to the Assessor’s Office by September 1, 2024

All inquiries and submitted applications will remain confidential.

Download and Print Flyer (PDF)

Hingham Senior Means-Tested Tax Exemption Flyer

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age: Must be 65 or older (co-owner must be 60 or older) by December 31, 2022
  • Residency: Must have owned and occupied a residence in Hingham for at least 10 consecutive years
  • Income: Annual income for 2022 cannot exceed $64,000 for Single Individuals, $80,000 for Head of Household, or $96,000 for Married Couples filing a joint return
  • Assessed value: Homeowner’s Principal Residence not to exceed $912,000
  • Assets: Applicant must not have excessive assets as determined by Board of Assessors
  • State Tax Return: Must have claimed the MA State Circuit Breaker Tax Credit in 2022. Not sure what this is? Please call the Assessor’s Office at 781-741-1455.


Not sure if you qualify for this senior tax exemption? The Assessor's Office would be happy to help!  To reach us please call our office at 781-741-1455, send us and email to Assessor's Office, or stop by our office on the first floor of Town Hall and someone will be able to assist you.