Resources for Homeowners

Homeowners Education Program

A free consultation!

The Homeowners Education Program is a group of old home enthusiasts who are interested in helping educate homeowners of antique homes. Old properties are tell an important story about our Town.  Preservation of historic properties is important for Hingham to retain its beauty.

Interiors of historic properties are as important as exteriors and often tell a lot about a home’s history; so the Education Program offers a service, free of charge, to new property owners to help them understand what is of historical significance inside.  Many houses and contain eighteenth and nineteenth century architectural materials, elements and construction that are worth understanding.  For owners who intend to make alterations, this may be valuable information to know as you decide what steps you take in your renovation.

A volunteer from the HEP will walk through your home with you at no charge and help you understand what your home contains.  

If interested, please contact: Historical Commission office at 781-741-1492 to arrange an appointment

Helpful Documents for Homeowners 

The following documents are helpful guides for homeowners
Guidelines for Work in Hingham’s Historic Districts 
Guidelines for New Construction and Additions in Hingham's Historic Districts