Plowing Of Public Roads

The Department is responsible for snow and ice control on all public roads, most public driveways and parking areas, and certain private ways and unaccepted subdivision roads. Residents are required to comply with the following guidelines relating to public ways:

  • Do not rake leaves or other debris onto public ways.
  • Uncover the storm drain in front of your house if covered over with leaves, snow or other debris.
  • Do not plow or throw snow from private property onto the street or sidewalk.
  • Do not pump water from sump pump onto a public street or sidewalk.
  • Do not plow in or block sidewalks with snow or a motor vehicle.
  • Do not park a vehicle overnight on any public way, especially during snow season, November 15 to April 15. This interferes with efficient snow removal.

Private-ways and unaccepted subdivision roadways will be plowed in accordance with the following policy:

Plowing of Private Drives & Private Ways

  • Within subdivisions approved since July 1, 1980, private-ways which have been approved and have been constructed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Planning Board of the Town of Hingham, but are not yet accepted as public-ways, will be plowed for a maximum of 3 seasons and are not subject to the conditions contained herein. However, a private way will not be plowed if a Planning Board decision or a covenant places that responsibility with the homeowners.
  • Specifically excluded from plowing, are non-municipal multi-unit housing complexes, parking lots, shopping center plazas, areas or malls, and similar areas.
  • The private ways must contain two or more residences in existence, and constructed prior to July 1, 1980, with each residence fronting on the private way.
  • The private way must be safe for plowing equipment to enter the area.
  • The road surface of the private way must be paved in a manner acceptable to the Superintendent of Public Works and be in good repair and the way must be a least 10 feet in width throughout its entire length.
  • The private-way, at the time of plowing, must be clear of vehicles.
  • All owners of property on said private way must sign an agreement releasing and waiving any liability against the town, its agents, officers, servants or employees, and agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the town, its agents, servants, officers or employees, from any damages whatsoever. This agreement must be executed each year.