2022 Town Meeting Results

  1. Hannah Lincoln Whiting Fund/Trustees of the Bathing Beach - PASSED 
  2. Assume Liability for DCR on Rivers, Harbors, Etc. - PASSED 
  3. Reports of Various Town Committees - PASSED 
  4. Report of the Personnel Board - PASSED 
  5. Salaries of Town Officers - PASSED 
  6. Budgets - PASSED 
  7. Transfer from the Stabilization Fund - PASSED 
  8. Disbursement of Electric Light Department Receipts - PASSED 
  9. Building Department Revolving Fund - PASSED 
  10. Department of Elder Services Revolving Fund - PASSED 
  11. Transfer Funds to the Reserve Fund - PASSED 
  12. Transfer Harbor Revenues to Municipal Waterways Improvement and Maintenance Fund - PASSED 
  13. Rescind Authorized but Unissued Debt - PASSED 
  14. Plymouth River School Windows Project - PASSED 
  15. Transfer Borrowed but Unspent Funds from Completed Capital Projects - PASSED 
  16. Fire Department Large Capital Needs - PASSED 
  17. Community Preservation Committee Recommendations - PASSED 
  18. Town Pool at the South Shore Country Club Authorization to Borrow - PASSED 
  19. South Shore Country Club Maintenance Facility:  Authorization to Borrow Additional Funds - PASSED 
  20. Modify Size of Long Range Waste Disposal and Recycling Committee - PASSED 
  21. Weir River Water System: Appropriation of Bond Premium and Excess Bond Proceeds  - PASSED 
  22. Weir River Water System:  Authorization to Borrow for Water Capital Improvements - PASSED 
  23. Foster School:  Funds for Pre-Construction Costs - PASSED 
  24. Public Safety Facility:  Funds for Pre-Construction Costs - PASSED 
  25. Reduction of Speed Limits - PASSED 
  26. Transfer Care, Custody, and Control of a Portion of Transfer Station Site to Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant - PASSED 
  27. High School Tennis Court Rehabilitation - PASSED 
  28. Five-Year Lease for Special Educational School Transportation Vehicles - PASSED 
  29. Amend Zoning By-law: Gender Neutral and other Term Revisions - PASSED 
  30. Amend Zoning By-law: Residential Accessory Uses - PASSED 
  31. Amend Zoning By-law: Special Permits and Site Plan Review Procedures - PASSED 
  32. Acceptance of Easements - PASSED